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The 2006 International Conference of Physics Students

By Anthony Davidson, Towson University

2006 ICPS  
L-R: SPS Outstanding Student Award recipients Anthony Davidson, Cary Pint, and Kasandra Jorgensen at the 2006 ICPS, Bucharest, Romania.  

The trip to the International Conference of Physics Students was a great experience for me. This was my first trip out of the country so at the start it was a bit frightening.

My experience started with my flight being canceled and coming in a day late to the conference. I ended up missing the walking city tour, but was able to get in for dinner. At the first meal I meet a couple of people from the Netherlands. This is the first of many people that I would meet and open my eyes to many things in the world.

Discussing with students from other countries can show the major differences between countries. Other than discussing physics, we discussed politics to foods. Most we surprised how it was the first time out of the country.  Also listening to presentations of physics from around the world was also interesting because it shows that all countries can work together on furthering science.

2006 ICPS  

My impressions of the conference are a good one. At first I found it slightly unorganized, but this was mostly because I arrived later. After getting settled the conference went like clock work. The coordinators could always be approached and willing to help. The lectures went mostly on time and were very in formative. I went in with the impression that this was an extremely formal conference on research, but some of the presentations were not about research but on topics not normally thought of. The example I have of this would be the presentation on the correct temperature for snowballs.  This was a very interesting presentation, while it was not what I was expecting.

2006 ICPS  

The entertainment mostly consisted of parties. This was fun for the first few nights. Different entertainment could make the conference more interesting. The best party was the Nations Party, where we had food and drink from many places (see the American table in the photo at left). I also heard traditional songs, including one cool one from the United Kingdom. The next best was the costume party where everyone had an interesting costume.

The trip to Transylvania and Bucharest was the best part of the trip. Exploring a foreign place in the free time was great. I saw the Peoples Place, the second largest office building in the world, and various other monuments in the city. Eating authentic food was great as well. Seeing Dracula’s castle was eye opening because it is not what is pictured in movies. Also I saw a fortified city, which was really impressive.

2006 ICPS  

Over all I found this to be a spectacular experience. It allowed me to share my research with many others, while having a good time. Also going outside the country for the first time was awesome. I would highly recommend keeping this award and sending as many students as possible, because I believe that any chance to see another country is a good one.

2006 ICPS   2006 ICPS


SPS funds travel to the annual International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS) for recipients of the SPS Outstanding Student Award for Undergraduate Research.

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