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Lasers and Social Media are Hot in Portland

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  The AAPT Summer Meeting closed with a spectacular laser show
(at minute 52:10 above), part of the Physics of Vaudville
picnic and demo event sponsored by Vernier.
The 2010 AAPT Summer Meeting
July 17-21, Portland, OR

by Tracy Schwab
SPS Communications Coordinator

Cool summer weather in Portland, OR, was a welcome relief from soaring temperatures on the U.S. East Coast for SPS national office staff and several SPS Interns, Shane Allison, Linda Henneberg, Jasdeep Maggo, and Foha Rafiq, who attended the AAPT Summer Meeting, July 17-21.
So what was hot in Portland?

SPS Intern Shane Allison:
Intriguing Sessions at AAPT

SPS Intern Foha Rafiq:
A Glimpse into the World of Physics Teachers

The above-mentioned interns joined a dozen other undergraduate SPS members from across the country to present their research at an SPS Poster Session and Reception on July 18th. This was SPS Intern Jasdeep Maggo’s
first poster session, and she enjoyed presenting her poster about developingthe 2010 SPS SOCK (Science Outreach Catalyst Kit).

  SPS Communications Coordinator Tracy Schwab
  SPS Communications Coordinator Tracy Schwab talks about SPS's social media strategies during the session "Social Media: What is the Next Big Thing?"

Since SPS/APS Intern Linda Henneberg uses Facebook and Twitter every day, she thought the most interesting session was “Social Networking: What’s the Next Big Thing?” SPS Communications Coordinator Tracy Schwab (pictured at right) was one of four invited speakers in this session, where he gave an overview of SPS’s social media strategies, success stories and best practices, and spoke about presenting a consistent identity and brand across multiple social media channels.

The “Young Physicist Meet and Greet” was the likely the most interactive session. Says Maggo, “I like these kinds of sessions where one can have random topics of discussions and meet a vast variety of people with different approaches towards physics. I am always curious to know what other people are trying to do with their degree.”

SPS/AAPT Intern Shane Allison thought that the demo show "The Physics of Vaudeville" on the closing evening was spectacular, stating “I’m a big fan of physics one-liners, and the show had quite a few of them.” The other interns agreed: the demonstrations were simply amazing, and they thought it was nice seeing people using physics concepts in fun ways. That event ended with an extensive laser show, which in Maggo’s opinion was “awesome!” She sums up the entire meeting as follows: “The AAPT meeting was very educational and at times very exciting. I’m proud to be a physicist.”

Free 1-Year Membership in APS or AAPT
When you join SPS national as an undergraduate, you get free one-year membership in one of ten other physics societies, including the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT).  

SPS Reporter Program
SPS national sends student reporters to most major AIP Member Society meetings, where they are treated like other members of the press. Many ambitious student reporters succeed in securing interviews with society leadership and prominent invited speakers on such occasions.

SPS Travel Awards
A limited number of grants, on the order of $200 each, are offered to help fund SPS members' travel to national meetings of AIP Member Societies holding a "SPS Session" co-organized by SPS and the Member Society.

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