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Meetings are the lifeblood of SPS, and there are many opportunities to participate at the local, regional, national and even international levels. SPS Zone are encouraged to hold one or more Zone Meeting per academic year. In addition, SPS partners with many professional societies to host undergraduate research sessions at regional and national meetings across the United States.

Student Perspectives on Physics Meetings | More Student Perspectives

  • 2012 PhysCon
  • Zone 2 Meeting
  • Zone 17 Meeting
  • ASA Meeting

PhysCon Media List
PhysCon Media List Whether you attended the 2012 Quadrennial Physics Congress (PhysCon) or not, it's worth checking out the PhysCon Media List. It features engaging works by PhysCon speakers, in addition to thoughtful pieces related to the theme "Connecting Worlds through Science and Service." You can access the list online at and share your reviews and reactions on the associated discussion forums.

PhysCon Media List | PhysCon Website

Zone 2 SPS Meeting
SPS Online Poster GalleryIthaca College and Cornell University Society of Physics Students invited students from Zone 2 to learn about a NASA physicist's research, tour a particle accelerator facility, and meet with other students who love physics.

Zone 17 SPS Meeting
Zone 17Central Washington University hosted the rest of Zone 17 at their regional SPS meeting. Their meeting consisted of activities like an hour long poster session, an edible car competition, a tour of the Wild Horse Wind Farm, lunch, and Physics Jeopardy.

Being Welcomed Into the World of Acoustics
ASA Meeting
The 161st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA)provided an opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and explore a great city.

Zone Meetings

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