Face time with SPS National
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Face time with SPS National

The SPS National Office staff is anxious to meet ALL OF YOU - virtually, that is! Why?

We want to help your chapter do great things. Let us participate in one of your chapter meetings. Schedule a virtual chat, via Skype or Google Hangouts, with SPS National for your next chapter meeting.

We want to hear:

  • what your chapter is up to
  • what your needs are
  • what we can do to help

We want to tell you how to:

  • get recruitment, outreach, demo and fundraising ideas
  • learn about the awards, scholarships and chapter programs SPS offers
  • find resources for jobs and internships

We also want to let you know about all of the programs and opportunities that your chapter and members are eligible for through SPS! To request your face time with a staff member, submit the following contact information:

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Request face time with SPS National

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