Workshop IV: Put Congress in Action at Home

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When: Nov 6th at 1 pm

Leaders: William DeGraffenreid, Professor of Physics at Sacramento State and Past President of Sigma Pi Sigma and Brad Conrad, Director of SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma

Liaison: Toni Sauncy

New members of Sigma Pi Sigma are charged to support the physics community and to assist the development of interest in physics at all possible levels. These ideals equally apply to SPS chapters and physics clubs the world over. In this session we’ll examine ways a chapter can cultivate interest in physics and how you can you share your fascination with physics to as wide an audience as possible. You’ll work with others in your chapter and zone to bring together the tools you’ve learned over the past few days and develop a plan on how you’ll bring it to others that were not able to join us. Together we can make each SPS chapter a vibrant place where we can help our fellow physics enthusiasts, tinker, invent, and discover. And, we can do it all together.