PhysCon 2016 Articles

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This compilation of articles by PhysCon Reporters captures the full breadth and depth of PhysCon 2016.

About the PhysCon Reporter Awards

Daniel Hooker, Cody Hughson, and Gobind Puniani

California State University-Fresno

Adam Campbell, Annelise Ettema, Caroline Fedele, and Daniel Seiter

Grove City College

Chloe Leigh Ong, James St. John, and Yuhao Qiao

Adelphi University

Caroline Goyco, Arvind Srinivasan, and Noah Walsh

Saint Mary's College of Maryland

Oliver Berroteran, Joseph Crandall, and Samantha Lumpkin

George Washington University

Chunyang Ding, Suryabrata Dutta, and Mehmet Tuna Uysal

Yale University

Andrew Hamilton, Grace Holling, Michael Wall and Daniel Parra

Texas Lutheran University

Geoffrey Miller

Saint Mary's University-Texas

Katee O’Malley, Caitlyn McConnell, and Mia Vega

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Laura Goodman, David Calvert and Robert Valdillez

North Carolina State University

Michael Chambliss, Keegan Karbach, and Eli Nygren

Metro State College-Denver University

Jamie Weiss, Andrew Thrapp, and Luke Haase

University of Colorado at Denver

Jose Duran, Jose Barrios, Laurice Chao, and Julian Vimont

California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

Nathaniel Moore, Zane Thornburg, Justine Walker

The College of Wooster

Eli Nuss, Jared Taylor, Aaron Watson, and Kitae Kim, SPS Reporters

Pacific University

Graham Van Goffrier

University of Maine

Hugo Anguiano, Catherine Wood

Lee College

Andrew Truman, David Smith, James Amos

University of West Florida

Drace Adams, Samantha Tietjen, and Cameron Tolbert

Cleveland State University

Anthony Middleton

University of Maryland-College Park

Sonia Cyuzuzo and Shannon McNease

Abilene Christian University

Lisa Maszkiewicz and Xavier Gutierrez

University of Maryland-College Park

Tara Skiba and Louis Varriano

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Lauren Selensky

Abilene Christian University