Workshop IIIa: Making Physics a Community

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When: Nov 5th at 10:30 am

Leader: Therese Jones, Assistant Policy Analyst, Ph.D Candidate, Pardee Graduate School

Liaison: William DeGraffenreid

Have you ever felt stressed in your physics program? Wish that you could make a change, but feel no one is listening? The aim of this workshop is to empower undergrads to be the change they want to see in their department, and brainstorm ideas on way to improve the climate, addressing everything from increasing the participation of traditionally underrepresented groups to making sure that everyone knows about free conference funding! After a short introduction, students will get into breakout groups where they will examine issues important to them/their department, come up with concrete ways to implement change, and share their results in written form with the broader conference so that every SPS chapter can take away fresh ideas on improving the physics world for students.

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