Workshop IIc: Taking Your Chapter to the Next Level

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When: Nov 4th at 5 pm

Leader: Dr. Gary White, American Association of Physics Teachers and The George Washington University

Liaison: Josh Willis

Do you have an active, busy chapter, but know it can do more? Do you struggle to get members to come to your meetings, and wonder what your chapter should be doing together? Just as a quantum system cannot emit photons from the ground state, your chapter can only shine when it has risen to higher levels, to excited states. Come to this workshop and Dr. Gary White, former director of the Society of Physics Students, will present ideas to inspire your chapter, and make it active in outreach, meetings, and professional development. In this workshop you will identify strengths and weaknesses of your chapter, engage with other chapters to learn what works for them, and leave with a concrete action plan to take back to your chapter, reaching those excited states from which your chapter can really shine.