Workshop IIa: Taking Advantage of Physics Career Options

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When: Nov 4th at 5 pm

Leader/Liaison: Dr. Toni Sauncy, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Texas Lutheran University

This workshop will focus on professional development tools for undergraduate physics students that have been developed as part of the American Institute of Physics Career Pathways research project. More than 40% of all undergraduate physics majors enter the workforce after graduation, despite the fact that many undergraduate physics programs do not include experiences aimed at making sure students are ready to find the career of their dreams. You will engage with new resources, made just for physics students and developed with the goal of putting you ahead of the crowd when it comes to building your professional network and learning to better recognize the unique set of skills that you have or will acquired in completing your undergraduate physics program. You will work on developing those important soft skills and learn effective techniques for articulating your hard skills to those who may not be fully aware of all that a well-prepared physics student is capable of. Even if you do not plan to go to work immediately after graduation, you will still benefit from this unique session focused on putting your best foot forward when you when you are ready to find your first position!

Funded through NSF Grant No. 1011829