Keeping the SPS Community Connected Online

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SPS Chapters on Building Community

Keeping the SPS Community Connected Online


Kayla Stephens, SPS Programs Manager

The SPS National team marked Halloween with this virtually composed image. Photo courtesy of SPS National.In early March the SPS National Staff learned we would be working remotely until further notice. Meanwhile, we were constantly receiving news of students having to leave campus due to school closings, as well as the cancellation of zone meetings and outreach events. As we adapted to the new environment ourselves, our primary focus was on how to continue to support our SPS community.

That following week, we hosted the first virtual colloquium with the interim director of the Statistical Research Center at AIP, Susan White. This was an opportunity to maintain the sense of community within SPS during the tumultuous early days of the pandemic.

With the support of SPS alumni, advisors, and friends, the colloquium series has continued throughout the year with topics such as global warming, internships, and the acoustics of ping-pong; an extravagant fire and demo show; and even a senior recognition ceremony! The series will continue into 2021. To view all previously recorded talks, visit our YouTube channel at

Below are a few other ways students and faculty can stay connected to the SPS community virtually.

• Join the SPS Discord account. Check out channels on topics such as policy, careers, specific course help, physics memes, and more. Also, stay informed on opportunities with SPS, such as award deadlines, colloquium dates, and various resources. Join today at

• Plan to attend your zone meeting this year. Zone meetings bring together SPS students within geographical zones. They are a fun and effective way for undergraduates to meet other students, present their research, and interact with practicing scientists. Zone meetings in 2020–21 will take place virtually. For more information and to find out when your zone meeting will be hosted, visit

• Subscribe to the SPS newsletter. Each issue includes chapter and program-related announcements and deadlines, information about upcoming meetings, REU and internship opportunities, SPS featured jobs, and more. Make sure your SPS account has “opt-in” selected to receive correspondence from SPS National.

• Follow @SPSNational on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Stay informed about upcoming opportunities and resources, and take part in social media competitions, trivia, and more!

• Review SPS’s Remote Learning Resources webpage. The SPS National Council and staff have gathered resources to help both students and professors adapt to remote learning. For more information, visit

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SPS Chapters on Building Community