Fall Phenomena

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Interactions - SPS Chapters in Action

Fall Phenomena

A sampling of recent SPS chapter activities

Photo courtesy of  Jacquelyn Smale.

At the University of Minnesota SPS chapter's Liquid Nitrogen Night, balloons dunked in the chilly liquid by the chapter entertained everyone by shrinking very quickly. 


Photos by Jason Halley, university photographer.

Chico State SPSers explained the law of falling bodies to school children at a theatrical reenactment of Galileo Galileiís legendary demonstrations at the Tower of Pisa. On October 30 they dropped pumpkins off Butte Hall and timed the drops to the cannon blasts of Tchaikovskyís "1812 Overture."


Photos courtesy of Old Dominion University.

At Old Dominion University (ODU) in Norfolk, Virginia, SPSers didnít just drop pumpkins. They tried to save the squashes from squashing. Sixteen teams built devices designed to catch pumpkins that fell nine stories from the Batten Arts and Letters Building. A team of preschool competitors and their teachers from ODUís Childrenís Learning and Research Center fared particularly well.


Photos courtesy of Louis Varriano.

In September the University of Tennessee's SPS chapter put on a series of physics demos at Market Square, blowing up heads of lettuce and passing around diffraction glasses. 


Texas Lutheran University 

On November 6, the Texas Lutheran University physics department held its first Family Physics Night. Dr. Christopher Rogan, a member of the Harvard ATLAS group working at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland, gave a lecture about the subatomic world and the experiments conducted at CERN. Hundreds of attendees had the opportunity to explore physics through interactive experiments that included a bubble chamber, a sunset demonstration, pendulum waves, a Rube Goldberg machine, jumping rings, hand generators, eddy currents, Gak, ferrofluids, chicken cups, light-transmitting sounds, singing glasses, tuning forks, and a big explosive surprise demonstration

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Interactions - SPS Chapters in Action