2022 Physics Congress Crossword Puzzle Washington, DC, Edition

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Crossword Puzzle

2022 Physics Congress Crossword Puzzle Washington, DC, Edition


 Mikayla Cleaver, SPS Programs Coordinator

We’re back again with another crossword! This puzzle has clues relating to the host city for the 2022 Physics Congress—Washington, DC. Test your knowledge and submit your completed puzzle to sps-programs [at] aip.org for a chance to win a shoutout on social media and SPS swag!



1. John Quincy Adams and Herbert Hoover both had these reptiles, native to Florida and the American South, as pets in the White House.
2. This tree, namesake of a popular festival in Washington, DC, was gifted as a sign of friendship from Japan to the United States in 1912.
3. There is a second, lesser known branch of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum near this airport just outside of Washington, DC.
4. Washington, DC's, original territory was taken from Virginia and this other state.
7. This letter is rumored to be missing from the Washington, DC, street system because of a disagreement with the first chief justice of the United States.
11. The area that is Washington, DC, today was originally inhabited by an Algonquian-speaking people known as the ______.
13. This TV personality, known for making science parodies of popular songs from the ’80s on his hit kid’s show, is from Washington, DC.
14. A statue of this physics Nobel Prize winner can be found (and climbed on) near the National Academy of Sciences.


5. The White House is located on an avenue named for this state.
6. On average, Washington, DC, gets more of this type of precipitation every year than Seattle.
8. The first president to live in the White House wasn’t Washington; it was ____.
9. This DC landmark has over 40 million cataloged books.
10. This structure is currently the tallest structure in Washington, DC.
12. This HBCU, located in northeast Washington, DC, has notable alumni such as Vice President Kamala Harris and Taraji P. Henson.
15. There are nearly 30 million visitors annually to this group of 19 museums in Washington, DC.
16. The ceiling of Union Station is covered in this element.
17. This Star Wars character makes an appearance alongside the gargoyles carved into the northwest tower of the Washington National Cathedral.
18. The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is located in this nearby town, home to the University of Maryland.

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