Fundraising - How can I go to PhysCon?

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Get to the Centennial Physics Congress!

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  • Use this spreadsheet to help estimate the costs associated with getting your chapter to Physics Congress! In general, am amount between $500-$800 for US travelers is common. International students might expect to pay $200-$400 more. Most students who attend recieve support from their department, get support from SPS, or fundraise to greatly reduce their individual costs. 
  • Apply for a chapter travel award through SPS
  • Hold a fun run funraiser to help chapters fundraise. We encourage you to walk, run, bike, or ride to get your local community to support you. 

SPS will be sponsoring chapter travel awards - Awards are be available for research presentations, art exhibition, and meeting reporters. 

Top 10 tried and true fundraising events (click on the options for details):

Best Practices:

  • Start fundraising for the Physics Congress now! Saving a little over a long time really helps.
  • Get a cash box and consider setting up an account with your school or a local bank
  • Identify a treasurer to help track money
  • Develop a system for saving over the next few semesters
  • Create semester plans with tangible goals
  • Investigate department and campus resources for conference travel. You'd be surprised what you can find
  • For smaller fundraisers, reach out to Alumni and ask them to match what is raised
  • Read more about fundraising in the Fall 2013 issue of Sigma Pi Sigma Radiations magazine

Get Started with Small Fundraisers:

  • Sell coffee & donuts, or pizza & soda once a month or during exam times. Pick a high traffic location and focus on class change times
  • Pi a Professor (around Thanksgiving and Pi Day)
  • Ask for donations at SPS sponsored demo shows
  • Sell food/shirts during events
  • Tutor for STEM courses at your college and also local high schools

Big Impact Fundraising Ideas:

  • Request Special Allocation Funds through your Student Government (plan early ~ at least 1 year out!)
  • Approach members of college administration to match funds - this process should be started before your school’s fiscal year begins.  Use this sample letter as a basis for your funding request.
  • Talk with your school’s alumni office to see if they have a donor who may be willing to contribute to your cause
  • Reach out to your school’s development or corporate partnerships office to see if there are organizations or companies who would be willing to sponsor you

Promotional Material:

PhysCon 2016 Fundraising Case Studies

Here are a few examples of SPS chapters that used the provided tips to raise money for PhysCon 2016: