PhysCon Poster Presentations

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A poster presentation at PhysCon 2012.


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Sigma Pi Sigma, the Physics Honor Society, will host two poster sessions on November 4 and 5 during the 2016 Quadrennial Physics Congress (PhysCon). Feedback will be given on posters, and there will be an awards ceremony. 

The national office will contact those who submitted abstracts to confirm receipt and provide logistical details. We have compiled some tips and resources to help  you improve your presentation skills here.

Abstract submission deadline: October 1, 2016 

Mentor Scientists:


Poster Awards Competition

Poster presenters will be judged by scientists on their development of scientific ideas and methods, the suitability of the methods employed, the effectiveness of the poster in communicating what has been accomplished, and the ability of the presenter to discuss this information and respond to questions about the material.

OSA Poster Awards

Poster Awards ($100 each)

  • The OSA Poster Awards for General Physics recognize posters that explore general themes related to Physics with an emphasis on how optics and light cross all disciplines of the field.
  • The OSA Poster Awards for Theoretical/Computational Physics recognize posters that use mathematical and computational frameworks to understand and expand the knowledge of particles, forces, space-time and the universe
  • The OSA Poster Awards for Applied Physics recognize posters that explore the applications of physics to specific technological or practical uses.
  • The OSA Poster Awards for Community Engagement and Career Exploration recognize the importance of outreach and professional development within Physics and efforts to attract and retain scholars in the field.

The Optical Society of America Foundation (OSAF) is a charitable organization that carries out philanthropic programs on behalf of The Optical Society (OSA). OSAF provides honors, scholarships, and travel grants recognizing the contributions of leaders in the field and supporting the next generation of scientists and engineers. OSA is an AIP member society. The OSAF has generously provided funds to support a limited number of outstanding student poster awards. Awards will cover all of Physics and Astronomy, with special attention paid to optics and light crossing all disciplines of physics. All submissions will be eligible for consideration for these awards.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • You must use the submission form to submit your poster.
  • Please complete all information in the form.
  • While the presenter is the first author, enter all other author affiliations.
  • Select the category that best describes the work to be presented.
  • All submissions will receive feedback and are eligible for awards (see below).
  • Abstracts are limited to 250 words and should fit in the text box in the form.
    • For the best results, consider preparing the abstract as a document and then cut and paste it into the abstract template.
    • Care should be taken when entering scientific symbols and/or equations.
  • Submissions are considered final once completed so please review the copy and make sure it is accurate. Revisions are not possible.
  • SPS staff will work diligently to maintain the format in the abstract template, but authors should use due diligence to make sure that the abstract appears as it is intended, prior to submission.
  • Notification of acceptance, which will include the presentation day and time, will be sent to the first author around October 10, 2016.
  • A poster board measuring 4 ft. (1.2m) in length by 3.80 ft. (1.16m) wide will be provided for each accepted presentation at the conference