Week Two

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Friday, June 9, 2017


Luis Royo Romero

Week Two: Short and sweet. 

As time progresses, D.C. gradually feels more like home. I have romanticized the unknowns of the city. A wrong metro stop, a detour on I-490, and an unexpected good lunch with coworkers. The city has so much to offer and we are truly blessed to be around wonderful people to share memories with.

This week, I met my advisor, Dr. Angela Hight Walker. In my opinion, she portraits the ideal scientist. She is a charismatic and hardworking person who embodies the passion and devotion of all great scientist. Her laughs, humor, and bright personality ripples down the halls putting a smile on everyone; even the lasers in the lab display the ripples of happiness.

It was an early Monday morning, a euphoric handshake followed with a hug that she welcomed me into her group as all my jitters went away. She has empowered me to work every day with encouraging words, treating me as an equal scientist, and caring about me beyond a summer intern. I will work endlessly not only to satisfy the “intern” goals but to show my unquantifiable appreciation for this opportunity.

It was a fast week working in the lab, followed by a quick trip back home to celebrate my cousin’s High School graduation and to say goodbye to my family. They will be spending their summer in Colombia with the rest of our family, and I will be living vicariously through them.

I will be back in D.C. Sunday night, recharge mentally and physically, to begin another week at NIST.  

Luis Royo Romero