Week Four: Flow

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Monday, June 28, 2021


Jesse Zeldes

Hi Everyone! I was alerted that this didn't post properly, so I'm reuploading now.

What a week!
The 4th week of the SPS internship program has been a blast. The work has been going well, and my first food-related article just went up. Additionally, I've been starting to think through and plan my upcoming projects. No spoilers yet, but you can expect some more taste content in the next few weeks. During a long afternoon this week, I caught myself dozing off and looking at recipes on one of my favorite sites. I was about to pull myself back together and refocus when I realized that I had actually been reading something that could pretty directly connect to my work. It was a funny realization and made me appreciate how great this gig is for me.

Outside of work, I've really been enjoying getting to know the other interns at our weekly game nights. It's been super fun to get to hear about people's different experiences in physics, and what brought them to become involved in SPS. Hearing about all the different paths through physics that people have taken and are planning to take has been incredible, and has helped me look more broadly at possibilities for the future.

At our weekly SPS event this week, we all got to have a chat with Nobel prize winner John Mather. We talked about everything from career advice to the future of astrophysics in the age of low-earth orbiting satellites and got to hear a few funny stories from his early days at NASA.

Time for me to get back to work!

Until next time,

Jesse Zeldes