Week Eight: Nearing the Finish

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Sunday, July 25, 2021


Jesse Zeldes

This past week has been a blast. I've been working on an article about rheological design for the blog and enjoying getting to go through the testing process. For the article, I've been making boba drinks, and I've really relished the opportunity to make one of my favorite foods and get to call it work.

Additionally, I've started to work on my final presentation for the SPS program. It's hard to believe that it's almost over. This summer has really flown by. Working on the presentation has been a good opportunity to reflect on the work from the summer, and to realize how many things I have actually learned. Crazy to think that at the beginning of the program I barely had any idea what rheology was.

This weekend, I went down to visit a friend in Washington DC. It was my first trip out of my hometown this summer, and it was fantastic to see how alive the world felt. Got to eat a bunch of good food, and bore my friend half to death with my fascination with its rheological properties.

Until next week!


Jesse Zeldes