Week 9: It's the Final Countdown

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Friday, August 7, 2015


Shauna LeFebvre

It's been a crazy two weeks! I mean crazy in the best possible way. All of last week Hannah and I were preparing for our presentation. We practiced our presentation so much that it was second nature by the time the Symposium started on Friday. Everyone's presentations were wonderful! It was also a nice way for the other interns to end their summer in DC. After everyone's presentations we had a nice reception for the interns and our mentors. I was glad that I got a chance to see Kate again before I left for the summer. I had so much fun on Friday, and as far as last hoorahs go, I think we had a pretty good one. I hope that all of the interns had a wonderful summer and that the year ahead will be just as great for them! (Side note, you can see the slides from all of our presentations. There's a link every intern's blog to their presentation.)

This Monday was back to the old grind, at least for Brean and I. We have to work two weeks later than the others because we started two weeks late. I've spent this week finishing up some final edits on the manual and getting the supplies together for the SOCKs. Let's just say that I've seen enough straws and plastic cups for a while. I would like to hear what was going through the IKEA cashiers' heads when they saw us come up with a shopping cart full of straws. It probably wasn't physics related. All that's left of this year's SOCK are the finishing touches, and I couldn't be more proud. Hannah and I have put in a lot of hard work, and I think the SOCK will reflect that.

I can't believe I only have one week left. I've had such a blast this summer, and I will miss everyone here at SPS. But I'll save the sentimental stuff for next week.

Showing off the Doppler Effect at the Symposium
Symposium Attendees Try Out Cup and String Telephones
The Interns Let Loose After the Presentations
My NIST Mentor Kate Rimmer and I
The SPS SOCK/NIST Summer Institute Team
SOCK Supplies has Taken Over

Shauna LeFebvre