Week 9: Family affair

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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Amandeep Gill

This is the last full week of our internships, excluding Brean and Shauna who have two weeks after the rest of us leave. It is bittersweet to be this close to the end of the program. I am missing home and my puppy very much but I know I will miss this summer equally when I am back in California. Living in DC has opened my eyes in so many different ways, most importantly it has solidified what I want to do in the future. Communicating the importance and impact of science to the public is an essential part of doing science and I plan to stay involved in outreach through-out my career. Additionally, being in DC has been wonderful for meeting new people and seeing what other people did with their physics degrees. 

At the AIP history teacher workshop.Monday everyone went on the capital tour, while I stayed behind and spent my sisters’ last day in town with them. I heard the tour was great though! I went into work after dropping the sisters off at the airport and joined for a bit the AIP history teacher’s workshop. It was pretty cool to have my mom at ACP all week, even when she came up to my desk in the mornings and insisted on taking a ton of pictures of my every move. However, it was pretty awesome to show my mom around DC after work every day! Turns out my mom's good friend from India lives in Maryland now, so we got to visit her and her family one evening too. 

At work this week I finished the content of the app and started packaging it to turn over to the APS staff to look over and post online! Then, I started my final presentation, I cannot believe that it is time for the closing symposium already! 

Amandeep Gill