Week 8: Last Week Working Capitol Hill

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Friday, August 2, 2013


Katherine Stankus

Selfie with Bill Nye Not only was this week the last week for Nikki and I working at the Science Committee but it was also the last week before Congress goes into its’ August Recess. Therefore, there was quite a bit of work that had to be done. There were two hearings scheduled (The Frontiers of Human Brain Research and EPA’s Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment – A Factual Review of a Hypothetical Scenario) along with a Full Committee Business Meeting and Markup of H.R. 2850, EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Study Improvement Act. In addition to helping prepare materials for and attending these hearings and markups, I completed my on-going research project for one of the Staff members.

Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson and I Some other exciting events that happened this week was the Google Hangout Session on Monday. During this Google Hangout, Nikki and I talked about our experiences working as an intern at the Minority Science Committee and how physics has played a role. You can find the hangout on YouTube.

I was also able to meet with Representative Suzanne Bonamici this Wednesday. Ms. Bonamici represents Oregon's 1st Congressional District which includes part of the Portland area which is where I went to college. It was great to meet another representative who was also on our Committee and from the Pacific Northwest. That evening, all the interns went to the NASA's One Year Anniversary of its Curiosity Rover on Mars in the Hart Building on the Senate side. At this event, I met and had my picture taken with Charles Bolden, the current Administrator of NASA, Bill Nye, and of me wearing an astronaut suit.

Since Friday was our last day, the interns were all bought lunch and were also able to meet with Ranking Member Eddie Bernice Johnson. It has been great working with the Minority Science Committee and I cannot wait to share my internship experiences with everyone back home.

Katherine Stankus