Week 7: Work hard, Play hard

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Friday, July 20, 2018


Collin Flynn

Last weekend Jesus and I probably racked up about 40 miles by bike. My backs been bothering me this week, so I started the weekend out biking ten miles to a chiropractor. Then Jesus and I biked ten miles to a football field to do sprints after that. Then that night I biked an additional ten miles with Amanda’s friend to this arcade bar. On Sunday, Jesus, Nathan, and I hit up some free yoga in Virginia (another ten miles). PS, yoga in the DC area-- AWESOME!

Sunday we also watched the French vs Croatia game. We witnessed the dreaded loss of Croatia, and worse… watch the French win. Something especially painful after I told one of my co-workers, Moana, that Brazil (who didn’t even make it to the semi-finals) would destroy France.

Come Monday, it was grind time. Since our poster session at NASA is August 2nd, they want our poster submissions to be in by July 25th for judging. This means that I gotta get, and analyze A TON of data before this Wednesday, so this week I had a lot of ten hour work days. But you know what they say, “Work Hard, Play Hard." So while I was working hard this week, I also had to go out and celebrate my 21st! On tuesday, one of my mentors, a couple other interns, and I went out for happy hour after work and I had my first legal drink- a brandy old fashioned. The following day, a bunch of other interns at NASA and I went over to a bar/restaurant and did some beautiful karaoke. Let me tell you, nothing says “I had a great night” like singing some Sweet Caroline to a bunch of strangers.

This weekend we’re planning on doing some more yoga, of course! There’s also a Colombian festival on Saturday that I’m hoping to go to, AND one of my friends who I haven’t seen since high school is in the area so we’re grabbing lunch! But I am also going to have to be super busy analyzing the data we took the last couple weeks, and making my poster. It's going to be a jam-packed week for sure!

Till next week.


Happy hour
Our yoga crew, which includes Jesus, Nathan, and I
I'm the one up close in the blue!

Collin Flynn