Week 7 - Jazz and graduation

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021


Roberto Gauna

Do you like jazz?

I do. It's been a few years since I've performed with a jazz band, but I think I am ready to get back into it.

The jazz band at my school released this year's audition piece; we're playing Down A Rabbit Hole by the Ayn Inserto band. I'm so nervous .. It's been so long and I was never the best set player to begin with but I have such a strong compelling feeling to try anyway. I have about 40 days to prepare this piece as of this writing and I've managed to learn the intro and the first section. I definitely have a long way to go but I believe in myself (kinda), and I think my urge to play is gonna keep me going.


This past week was pretty productive. I managed to generate several analysis studies on the single subsurface strip, and managed to collect all the data I needed for the double strip experiment.

However, it later occured to me that I had made a mistake when generating the probe.

A few weeks ago Joe told us that we were to study 3 different geometries for the probe tip: a symmetric (triangle), a leading edged, and a trailing edged tip. While I managed to figure out how to generate such tips in COMSOL, I completely ignored the specification regarding how thin the cantilever could get. When generating the tip shape, I ignored this aspect of the geometry and am now realizing that the cantilever thickness is on the order of 50nm, when it is actually supposed to be on the order of 3um .. so about 2 orders of magnitude off.

Luckily Joe said the cantilever thickness is most likely only going to have an effect to 3 or 4th order so those won't contribute very strongly. But I do have to go back and fix the model for a future run of the simulation.

Besides that, I was supposed to run and collect all the multi-strip experiment data over the weekend, but for some reason the simulation kept stopping with an error, so I decided to take the weekend for myself.


Besides work (and jazz) this past week was my girlfriend's graduation party and we had some of her friends fly in (Seattle and Boston) to celebrate with us. They first arrived on Thursday and that was when my inner hostess kicked in. Luckily we had some extra space for them to stay, but this weekend was definitely on the overcrowded side.

Sunday was the actual party and we were busy from dawn until way beyond dusk. Luckily we had some help with setup, but we were busy picking up some last minute party things up until the party started. We officially told people to start coming around 2pm (which a few did) but since we are running on hispanic / Miami time everyone really arrived around 4/5pm, which was fine by us because my girlfriend was preparing stuff well into the party. It was a great event with lots of leftovers which I will be living off of probably until the end of this internship. Maybe I will edit this post with a picture from that night


I'd give more description, but I have some work to do and some slides to prepare.


Until next week



Roberto Gauna