Week 7 - It's politics, baby!

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Monday, July 15, 2019


Isabel Bishop

What can I tell you all about week 7? It was a blur!

Monday, I worked remotely as I traveled back from home for the 4th of July Weekend.

Tuesday, I missed work in lieu of going to tour Capital Hill, courtesy of my fellow intern Gia Jadick. Gia gave us all an excellent tour of Capital Hill, including the Library of Congress, where I signed up for a library card. Having fun isn’t hard….when you’ve got your library card!

Wednesday, I finally made it back into the office to get some real work done. I’ve touched base with all the artists on my list for the 3D gallery, and worked on finalizing documents and guidelines for future shows. Now, all that’s left for me to work on is the PhysicsQuest Kits! I’ve got three out of the four activities worth of illustrations at least drafted out, if not about done and ready for submission. I’m waiting on feedback to pick our featured scientist, so be ready to hear about that sometime soon! 

Just as I was getting back into the swing of things, Thursday comes along and we’re back out exploring with our NASA Tour, courtesy of the NASA interns Terry Schuh and Nolan Roth. We went on a fortunate day, the NASA Jamboree, which was day all the teams on different projects got together to share what they are working on. I learned a ton more about the James Webb Telescope, which was featured as part of “Hexagons Are the Closest Thing Science Gets to Magic” in my senior thesis show. I even got to meet some of the people working on James Webb, which was super cool!

 Hexagons are the Closest Thing Science Gets to Magic

As if NASA isn’t cool enough, we also had the SPS Intern Picnic back at the ACP Thursday night. It was a much chiller event than I was anticipating – we basically just ate great food and played games for a few hours! Ultimately, it was a pretty nice way to wind down after a long day’s tour.

This weekend blew by with tons more activities, but the real highlight was getting to play Dungeons and Dragons Sunday night. This was our second session, and I’m thrilled to be playing with a wild mix of people. It is interesting to see how people with otherwise conflicting personalities get along in game, and the difference between character motivation and player motivation. It is an excellent team building exercise, I think. Plus, it’s some good old-fashioned nerdy fun!

Next week, prepare yourselves! I’m heading out Tuesday afternoon for San Diego for some REAL nerdy fun! That’s right, it’s about to be SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!

Stay tuned. See y’all next week!

The Interns At Capital Hill

Isabel Bishop