Week 6 - Home

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Monday, July 8, 2019


Isabel Bishop

Author's Note: Sorry about the late post, everyone! I had written this post last week while at the airport and completely forgot to post. Thanks for your patience! 


Sometimes you just have to go home. It’s week six, over half way through the summer and I won’t lie to you – I’ve been really homesick. I love my work here, and my fellow interns are tons of fun. I’m having the time of my life in DC! But I also really miss home – my dog, my bed, my husband. A couple weeks ago I impulsively bought a flight home over the 4th of July, and as I’m wrapping up my little mid-summer vacation, I’m really glad I did.

Coming home makes it harder to go back, but I can’t help but feel like I’m going back refreshed and ready to bounce back from the mid-internship slump!

Last week I was busy as ever before getting ready to go home. I tried to get a lot of extra work done and set myself up for this upcoming week because of the long weekend. Along with all the work though, we had a bunch of social stuff, too! A group of us finally got around to playing D&D on Monday night, and we garnered ourselves a pretty good audience, as well. I was worried that some of our more conflicting personalities might make it difficult to play, but once we all got into the groove, it flew by like we were all old pros. Shout out to Jerry O’Mahony for being an awesome DM! 

Tuesday night we all went out to do Science Trivia at The Big Board. It was three rounds of crazy science-themed trivia questions with an engineering challenge to top it all off. This week’s challenge was to make ice cream in a bag! None of us managed to make anything but slightly cold-milk, but it was tons of fun nonetheless.

As if that wasn’t enough, we went to catch a late night showing of Spiderman: Far from Home at the Georgetown AMC. I haven’t been to the movies in forever! I forgot how much fun it is grabbing a movie with a big group of friends.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get back home until around 3am, and still had to pack to come home for the 3th of July! I ended up taking a quick nap and getting up early to start packing, as to not disturb my roommate so much, which made Wednesday an exceptionally long day.

Luckily, the APS let everyone go 2 hours early to celebrate the 4th, so work didn’t drag on too much. Shenkman is only a 10 minute metro ride from DCA, too, so that wasn’t too bad. The airport itself, though, was a mess. I kept getting notifications, one right after the other…

Your flight has been delayed 1 hour.

Your flight is no longer delayed.

Your flight has been delayed 2 hours.

Your flight has been delayed less than expected, only 30 minutes now.

Once it all settled, my flight ended up being delayed about 3 hours, making it impossible to make my connection!

Luck was on my side again, as well as the lovely customer service agents at the United gate, who were able to squeeze me into an earlier flight into Chicago, so I made in one go!

I slept a pretty solid 12 hours after arriving home around midnight, having been going nonstop on about two hours of sleep all day.

I’m a bit sad about missing out on some of the 4th of July events in DC. With all of the GroupMe notifications from our intern group, I almost felt like I was there with everyone! It was nice to see the fireworks in Cedar Rapids, though. Less crowded, and still spectacular!

Isabel Bishop