Week 5: Progress, progress, and more progress

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Karthik Rao

Hey y'all!

Finally started making contributions on my project. This week, I set up some COMSOL simulations that involved using a platinum probe across two strips of gold and platinum at different voltages. This was mainly an introduction to using COMSOL, but it gave me a good idea on how to proceed with the rest of the project.

Specifically, the next couple of weeks would involve me using different probe shapes to perform several 2D simulations. Based on the results from these simulations, I will attempt to make a 3D simulation, which is considerably more complicated than the 2D ones but also closest to what we can do experimentally. 

Aside from this, I had a fun fourth of July weekend (which is also partly why this blog post is so late). I went on a hike with some friends, and we walked about 8 miles in Huntsvile National Park. Later that day, we met up, grilled some food and had a good old fashioned hangout. 


Karthik Rao (he/him/his)