Week 4 - Too many plans and COMSOL

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Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Roberto Gauna

My girlfriend loves making plans.

Before the end of last semester she had plans for 2 surgeries, a birthday party, a graduation party, a new apartment for the summer, a new apartment for the fall, trips to Naples, Key West, Titusville .. and so on

This past week we spent a bunch of time making plans for the remainder of our stay in Florida, arrangements for our drive to Boston, then rearrangements for the drive because we ended up inviting her family to make the drive with us.

I enjoy being involved but it sure is an energy drain.



As for my internship

I think I am getting the hang of how COMSOL works. Not entirely sure about all the bells and whistles that come with the physics modules, but I am getting the hang of running the studies and extracting the data.

Most of the past week was just spent building the new models that we need to scan, as well as running some simple sweeps across a test strip. I started running simulations for measuring the potential of a subsurface aluminum strip embedded in a silicon substrate, and I think I am getting the hang of running the parametric sweeps but they take quite long for just 20 data points.. I am wondering how long the larger parametric spaces are going to take to run

This weekend I am suppossed to run the parametric sweep for a multistrip setup but Joe also mentioned that he'd send over a new design for the probe tip so I am not sure if I should still run the study or if I should wait for the new probe shape.. I think I'll wait until Monday before I run the simulation.

Other than that I think the other intern (Karthik) finally got access to COMSOL so it is looking like we'll be working full throttle soon!


Next week I should begin uploading images my results for viewing pleasure!

Roberto Gauna