Week 4: Slowing Down

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Patrick Mangan

Hello again,

The fourth week has definitely been the most calm out of all of them. Maybe it’s just that I’m getting used to busy city life, or maybe it’s just that this week wasn’t as filled with internship action as the previous weeks. But it was still a good week. On Monday, me and a few other interns accompanied the SOCK interns at Tuckahoe Elementary School in Arlington to do some physics outreach.


We demonstrated sound waves through music for the 3rd graders of that school, and they really enjoyed it. Those kids were already very smart. One of them even corrected my grammar, which was bittersweet, in all honesty. But the kids all had a great time as I taught them about sound waves by giving them pan flutes made of straws (prepared by the SOCK interns) and letting them use boom-whackers.

For my own work, I have been working on writing a few sections on electronics to add to one of the PTRA materials. Soon I hope to start talking to current high school physics teachers about what kind of updates they feel would be necessary for these documents. It’s a good feeling knowing that they will be put into that document and my work will be implemented into high school physics classrooms some day.

Patrick Mangan