Week 4: The Rat in the Hat

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Sunday, June 23, 2019


Terance Schuh

With 4 weeks now in the book,

I hope this opening line is a good hook.


To start my little tale,

I’ll tell you that I recently acquired some mail.

Sent by my mother, named Kay,

As I opened her gifts, I shouted “No way!”


She sent cookies to my delight.

It made the start of the week pretty alright.

From there, things only got better

The only downside was all the rain made everything quite a bit wetter.


“Preposterous!” our group exclaimed, “No matter the weather,

We’ll have loads of fun, as long as we’re all together.”

With that in mind, Joseph and Bells whipped up some food.

From pizza to banana bread, it sure did put us in a good mood.


Silly me, have I not yet mentioned my job?

By the end of these 10 weeks I know I’m going to sob.

Ignoring that fact, things at NASA are going really well.

Much progress was made this week, I have loads to tell!


I finally understand my project to a tee.

I could sit here forever and talk about it with much glee.

Because of my success, I now have lots on my plate.

Plenty to do this coming week, it’s going to be great.


My research has a lot to do with the study of waves.

We’re sending signals through thin plates to see how everything behaves.

Rather than do it by hand, we employ the use of computer codes.

This allows us to precisely examine all the wave eigenmodes.


Now now, enough of the work that I do

If I keep going on, you’ll think that I’m coocoo!

Instead, let’s move to the fun that was the weekend

Where staying up past midnight seems to be the trend.


On Saturday, our group went to the Mall

So we could teach the wonders of astronomy to all.

Later that night, we walked the streets of Georgetown

And got ice cream, which I gobbled right down.


On Sunday, I spent time with intern Sammi

When the two of us are together we sure are quite the double whammy.

If you didn’t already know, she’s my girlfriend of almost two years

When she heads off to Penn State in the Fall, there’ll be lots of tears.


Anyway, we went to Alexandria and had a nice meal

Where we then sat by the water and watched the sky turn bright teal.

On our way back home, we came across a new sight!

Did you know Foggy Bottom has rats? The news gave me a fright.


Just like the others, this week sure did go fast

I just wish there was a way to make everything last.

I hope you enjoyed my poem that was

I’m sure by tomorrow it’ll be the latest buzz.


To thank my audience for reading, I’ll leave one more line,

Terry Schuh signing off, try not to whine!

Terance Schuh