Week 4: Making New Friends

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Sunday, June 27, 2021


Maura Shapiro

This week, I remarked on how social the internship is. Despite being virtual, I feel that there is a community of interns and colleagues. The intern game-night Zooms have been surprisingly fun and though Zoom fatigue is real, I’ve always left our meetings excited for the next one! NBLA and CHP also have social Zoom events and it has been really nice to participate in those as well, getting to know the other people I would see if this was a “normal” year. 

I’ve even been able to make a real, in-person friend because Madison Brewer, the Physics Today intern, also goes to the University of Pittsburgh and lives in the city! We started a weekly tradition to get coffee and do our work together (ok, it’s only been two weeks, but hopefully it will continue). It has been really great to get to know her through this internship and it has been nice to have a support system for getting through slow Mondays or afternoon Zoom meetings. Though we’ve had classes together at Pitt, we never really got to know each other, probably because most of those classes have been online. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity now to get to know her, and her roommates who are also physics majors.


Maura Shapiro