Week 4: Getting started (finally)

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Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Karthik Rao

Hey y'all!

Exciting things have happened this week (okay, maybe not so exciting). I finally got access to my NIST official email and Office 365 profiles. The trick was to download a different browser and use that instead of the one their IT office recommended. I wish I had know this eariler since it would have saved me about a week's worth of time trying to figure things out.

But I can finally run COMSOL on their workstations. My specific tasks for these next couple of weeks would involve simulating different probe shapes and trying to see how the potential of the plates we are measuring is affected. All of this is in 2D for now, and one of the end goals is to be able to simulate this in 3D, which is likely going to be tricky. Nevertheless, figuring this out is the fun part!

Nothing as exciting to report on the personal side of things however. I'm getting ready to move to Houston and go IKEA shopping pretty soon, which I've never done before. Hopefully, I can survive that XD

Karthik Rao (he/him/his)