Week 4: Failed at Fireworks

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Thursday, July 7, 2016


Marissa Murray

Work-wise this week was spent mostly in the office - the first week thus far that has been.  But it was a nice change of pace and I got to travel to work with Isabel and Victoria pretty much everyday which was lovely.  I had the opportunity to type up a summary of a coalition meeting that goes in FYI's quarterly report, as well as a short bio about myself.  I also continued to work on an FYI article, though later in the week we decided to post-pone it until after a markup next week and incorporate that markup into the article.  We welcomed a new member of the FYI team on Tuesday, Will Thomas, and went out to lunch at Franklins to celebrate his arrival.  On Friday, all of the interns based at ACP went out to lunch with Courtney and Brad to Spice 6.  I've discovered that Hyattsville actually has some pretty yummy food spots.  Courtney goes to Spice 6 so much that they know her order by heart.  I hope to achieve that level of regularity at some place in the future. 

The one trip I did make out of the office this week was to the release event of the Optimizing the Nation's Investment in Academic Research report.  It was rather exciting to receive a copy of it right as it came out, but it was even cooler that Mike was able to obtain an embargoed press copy the day prior.  I had also seen the head of the report committee speak at the Research Regulations event last week about Part 1 of the report so it was coming full circle, per say, to see him speak again about Part 2.

For the holiday weekend a few of my best friends from school travelled down to DC so I got to spend the Fourth with them. It was a weekend of good friends, good laughs, good food, and good fun until I suddenly came down with a high fever Monday afternoon and went home and completely slept through the fireworks - and right on until the next morning.  I was so bummed because this was my first summer in DC and I was really looking forward to finally watching the show in our nation's capitol.  However, a lot of the girls in my apartment took pictures and I got to see those at least.  Maybe next year!



Marissa Murray