Week 4: Already?!

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Friday, June 19, 2015


Amandeep Gill

The all-you-eat sushi boat, one of two. I cannot believe how fast this summer is flying by! Living in DC has been eye opening to all the benefits of living in a city, all the restaurant choices and things to do are wonderful. Last Saturday after a delicious lunch buffet at Rajaji Curry House in Woodley Park, Max and I headed out to Friendship Heights on a mission to get Max some grown up clothes.  It is so fun to explore to these little neighbors in DC, they all have their own identity. Friendship Heights had a bunch of stores, not all of which we could hit. So I just had to go back the next day with Connor while some of the other interns went rock climbing; after we all met at Para Sushi in Cleveland Park for dinner. 

The ACP interns at Tuckahoe Elementary.

Monday morning, the ACP interns were up bright and early to do some outreach with the in development SOCK 2015 at Tuckahoe Elementary. We set up multiple stations, one was tuning forks, another pan pipes, and the last with phones made out of plastic cups. Helping some kids with the cup phones! I floated around and helped which ever station needed an extra hand. After imparting physics onto a group of 3rd graders we headed to lunch at Ted’s Bulletin. I got Drew’s Burger which comes with bacon and peanut butter, so good! Their milkshakes were pretty awesome too! 

The rest of the week was spent working on content for the app connecting physics and engineering. I interviewed another engineer turned scientist, Dr. Gail Jackson, via phone on Wednesday. She discussed how having an engineering background puts her in the unique position to be able to communicate clearly and effectively between the two fields.

Friday evening some of us interns plan to go see the Astronomy Festival on the National Mall. As an astronomy minor and observatory docent, I look forward to getting close to a telescope again!

Amandeep Gill