Week 3 - LTSpice, COMSOL, X-country trip II

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Monday, June 21, 2021


Roberto Gauna

So I keep uploading this same picture for my headshot because the machine I am on doesn't have any of my photos ..


Week 3 started out a bit slow. I was tasked with trying to find a lumped circuit model that has a significant dependence of resonant frequency on resistivity properties.

Some preliminary google searching and just knowledge of circuits tell me that resistivity affects the quality of the resonant peak; nonetheless I still had to investigate some circuit schemes. Nothing from the simulations seemed to contradict this claim so it seems that this project will not lead anywhere.

It does seem that one of my supervisors has a better idea of circuit schemes that we should investigate but I think we were just waiting to model some of the actual devices in COMSOL instead of lumped circuit models. I think the scope of this project is narrowing down and we will have a better idea of what to investigate when we get COMSOL working.

As the week progressed I also was attempting to get COMSOL installed on my local machine under one of NIST's licenses.. took a while but I was successful and I am now running simulations (very large and slow) on my local machine! Next step is to investigate the geometries of the tips as well as the test structures that we are supposed to be scanning. In the next week I should be verifying my simulations with lab results that Joe (supervisor) is getting in the lab.


Not related to work:

All the while I am enjoying my time in Florida before my return to Boston

I had a friend visiting me that left on Wednesday; unfortunately did not get to take them mango picking or kayaking :(

By the way if you happen to find yourself in South Florida during the early summer (May/June) one thing I would recommend is picking mangoes!! They are in full bloom and can easily be found in residential areas.. just don't get caught on somebody's lawn!


My fiance has been taking me out almost every day to see her family and while I am enjoying catching up and all the free food that comes with the visits I was relieved when we decided to stay in this weekend.

Now that I had some proper rest I am ready to face week 4 of this internship and hopefully get some results that are actually presentable


Oh! I also signed for my new apartment in Boston (Quincy). It's a corner unit with a patio out to some woody area; I'm hopeing my cat will enjoy the view :) ..

I am definitely looking forward to being back in the Northeast, but I am not looking forward to another 1500+ mile drive ..

C'est le vie

This time I will be making several stops in Atlanta, Richmond, and Philly! Always open to recommendations!


Anyway this blog post is a bit of a mess, but so is life sometimes ..

Logging off and hopefully will be posting some results from the COMSOL simulations this coming week!

Roberto Gauna