Week 3

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Sunday, June 20, 2021


Joseph Watson

This week at SPS:  This week, we had a fantastic intern game night and get-together.  It was an awesome time to visit and hang out with each other.  We also played a game called werewolf which reminded several of us of the campfire game mafia!


This week at NASA: NASA presented the interns with an opportunity to learn programming in python.  I have gladly taken advantage of this opportunity.  Throughout the presentation of this new language, it is a relief that the previous programming education and experience I have had is highly relevant and similar conceptually.  However, learning the new syntax of a new language is definitely a challenge!

I have recently been assigned a task to create some mounting brackets for some hardware for the EXCLAIM project.  While this seemed very simple at first glance, it has turned into a much bigger project.  Considering mounting holes for the hardware, its location and orientation on the instrument, and an ideal breadboard patterned mounting hole arrangement, this has placed many constraints on the design.  This project is proving to be a great learning and problem-solving experience!


Mind-blowing fact of the week:  Programming syntax is like a different dialect of a language you already know.  Some might say you all, yall, or all you over there… Programing syntax is much the same way.  Saying “hello” while programming in C, is simply => printf(“hello”);  In python however, it is => print(“hello”)  While these are very similar, they have their differences, just like dialects of a language!

Joseph Watson