Week 3: “That was totally wicked!”- Boy from Incredibles

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Friday, June 22, 2018


Phoebe Sharp

I want to start with a shout-out to Elon. She is such an incredible person, and I’m so happy to be cubicle-mates and roommates with her.

There have been so many exciting events this week. We saw Incredibles 2, went to the National Gallery of Art and the Renwick Gallery, celebrated Stephanie’s birthday, celebrated Michael’s birthday, went on a boat, and integrated space cows into the fold of SPS paraphernalia.

Incredibles 2 was great. No spoilers, but it was totally wicked. It was so special to see how all of the animation has progressed over the past 14 years. The disclaimer for why it took so long before the movie started was nice.

The National Portrait Gallery though. It was amazing! This place, what it contains, its location is truly amazing. We spent 3-4 hours walking all the way around the whole building. Physics students are not only very smart, but we also know many things about many more subjects. All of us had studied some different aspect about art, and throughout the gallery, each of us would get excited about sharing the knowledge we gained from each art class. I had studied contemporary art, and the third floor was breathtaking. I was very excited to share this information with everyone and to learn about the art from everyone else. It’s easy to get lost in that museum.

The Renwick Gallery was amazing. The exhibit until January is about the Burning Man, a festival in Nevada every year that celebrates life. They do this by burning statues and dressing up elaborate costumes. It requires a lot of participation from everyone, so there are no observers. Renwick had some of the pieces they were going to burn this coming January, and they are all amazing. I have attached some pictures to this from the gallery, but please check it out yourself. There is an entire room of wood that looks like the inside of an elaborate religious building, and to think about the team of people that assembled it and that will take it down is so inspiring. Please check it out.

On Monday, we celebrated Stephanie’s birthday! Elon made some fabulous food that was vegan, so everyone could enjoy it! Who knew that vegan barbeque would be so good? But, Memphis’ barbeque (pork) is the best. We all played games together and celebrated being together, loving science, and Stephanie.

This past Thursday was Michael’s birthday, we got paid, and we went on a boat. What a great birthday. This boat was amazing. The dinner was delicious, and the dancing was awesome! We all learned the wobble, which was an interesting experience. We all had so much fun!

And more importantly, we finally got space cow stickers (see below). Michael designed these stickers, and I’m so excited to see them everywhere.

But I am also doing work, somehow. My first article for the Physics Buzz Blog was made available yesterday. See here. And, Elon and I are going to be the poster-sisters for Grad School Shopper, poster made available TBD. The article I’m currently working on is about Pilot Wave Theory. It’s very interesting, and I’m excited to see how I take this fairly complicated idea and make it accessible for a younger audience. I can’t wait until I’m better that this skill.

This weekend, we are going to be doing an outreach event on the mall talking about stars and the summer solstice. I’m very excited to jump into outreach again especially with such an amazing and intelligent group of physicists.


This is Phoebe, a cyber belt object that heavily influenced the findings from Cassini.
Cassini's orbit around Saturn
Manhattan by Georgia O'Keffe
Only One by Georgia O'Keffe
Burning Man exhibit at Renwick Gallery
Burning Man exhibit at Renwick Gallery
My desk with Mikayla's help
Dessert from the boat
Space Cow incorportation

Phoebe Sharp