Week 2: Photoblog of the Duties of a Science Committee Intern

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Friday, June 21, 2013


Katherine Stankus

For my second week working for the Science Committee, I decided to create a photo blog to better illustrate what my duties are as an intern (available on the sidebar on the right). The first couple of photos show what my daily commute from Foggy Bottom to the Science Committee Minority Office located in the Ford Building is like. Next photos of the office are shown along with some of the things I do as an intern: replacing the newspapers in the morning, answering phone calls, doing research work for staffers, creating binders for the different hearings, and picking up and delivering mail.

The next segment of photos illustrates what my duties are when I attend a hearing. Hearings are located in Rayburn and the Science Committee prepares materials for both Full Committee and Subcommittee Hearings. For this week there were two hearings: a Full Committee Hearing on the Department of Energy Science Technology Priorities and a Subcommittee Hearing on the NASA Authorization Act of 2013. My duties at the hearing included making coffee for the Congress members, placing paperwork and materials out for the Minority, and taking photos of our members and of the witnesses.

Overall, my internship experience with the Science Committee so far has been wonderful and very informative. Hope you enjoy these photos!

Katherine Stankus