Week 2: Exciting times for AIP!

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Sunday, June 7, 2015


Amandeep Gill

The new AIP CEO, Dr. Robert Brown started this past Monday, there was a luncheon to welcome him and to have a discussion about where he wants to take AIP. It was wonderful to experience such openness from the new leadership! Luncheon for the New AIP CEO. This event included free food, as did much of the week. On Tuesday APS had their monthly birthday bash, where cheesecake and fun toy gifts for the birthday people. In addition to the new CEO, there are many other changes at AIP taking place, as many senior employees are retiring. The interns were invited to the HR Vice-President, Terri Braun’s retirement party on Wednesday, which had a cider toast and delicious cake. There will be another retirement party for the outgoing AIP CEO, Dr. Fred Dylla, next week! I really enjoy how AIP and APS encourage the both work and fun. All about that cake!

Kendra (with her new baby) and Toni come to visit!

During this week, I met with Becky and James to brainstorm what I will be doing this summer and they OK’ed my idea to showcase the interconnection of physics and engineering. I have chosen a few topics to highlight particularly and will be designing a series of fliers with information about the topic and how physics and engineering come into play, I am including a paper model or cut out with each. I am also putting the same information in a computer app with will allow the user to explore the world with respect to physics and engineering. A very rough draft of the home page for the app! I have been practicing Python, the language I am writing the app in, I went through a Flappy Bird tutorial last week, which was really fun! I am interviewing a few people who have experience in both physics and engineering to have real world examples to put on the fliers and in the app. I still need to decide on which age this is targeted for but I am very happy to get form my own project, especially a topic that is important in my life.

Amandeep Gill