Week 2: Data retrieval is harder than it looks…

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Monday, June 14, 2021


Zeynep Tuna

This week, I was delighted to realize that I had made a mistake in choosing a certain criterion during my data retrieval process and the IPEDS and NSF data actually matched. I don’t think I have ever been this happy to have made an error! After that, I started documenting the reasons for choosing the NSF database and how to retrieve data correctly. Who knew building tables were this hard? You would think it is just a few checks and clicks here and there, but not really. Anyway, there is nothing that beats the feeling of perfectly formatted Excel sheets of data.

In the middle of the week, my supervisor and I ran into an interesting issue. California State University – East Bay is not included on the APS Compare Your Institution webpage even though it is included in the spreadsheets! We quickly learned that it is because the institution changed its name from Hayward to East Bay (thank you Bardia!). Phew, so happy to be able to get back to the department chair of CSU East Bay with good news.

Work aside, I have had a very social week. It was amazing being at the Birthday Bash, seeing everyone together, and introducing myself. I now feel like I am officially working at APS as an intern. I also enjoyed the Game Day a lot and I even won a gift card in the raffle! (Shoutout to Shana!) I have had a couple of Zoom meetings where I got to meet some amazing staff members, and the SPS Happy Hour was a great ending to this week. Scribbl.io is fun, but it is 10x more fun when it’s physics words!

Zeynep Tuna (she/her/hers)