Week 2: Communication is Key

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Sunday, June 13, 2021


Hannah Wistrand

For my second week with APS, I was met with a lot of meetings, a lot of questions, and a lot of opportunities to grow. We have hit a slight snag in the main project I am working on, which has required a lot of clarification. Our meetings were very fast-paced and it seems that it is common for ideas to be received but not heard. This week was a lot of learning how to communicate within my department.


I think this is also really important no matter what job you are in. It is important to learn not only how people express their ideas and feelings but also how they receive others’ ideas and feedback. By assuming everyone is interpreting the discussion the same way, it is easy to run into issues with project and goal definition, meeting goals, and clarifying concerns. Going through this past week, I have really learned to value my skills of understanding the different perspectives of the individuals on my team and the context in which they understand ideas and problems. I have enjoyed being able to build and practice these skills, even if the situation may be stressful at times.


In reflecting upon this experience, I realize that I am increasingly grateful for my amazing, level-headed, insightful mentor - Claudia Fracchiolla. She has been very supportive of my exploration in communication tactics as well as my ambitions as a student intern interested in many different career paths. After this week I am feeling much more confident in my ability to do this job well and impactfully, excited about the connections I am making, and grateful for the willingness of my colleagues to take the time to talk with me about my future ambitions.


Stay curious, everyone

Hannah Wistrand



I promised in my last entry that I would also discuss my escapades and restaurant recommendations as an intern based in Colorado. So I’ll share a quick adventure I was able to have last week. After having a great evening playing games with my fellow SPS interns, a friend and I decided to celebrate National Iced Tea day in style and drove around Colorado looking for a nice place to get some iced tea. We stumbled upon The Rooftop Tavern in the small town of Morrison, CO (near Red Rocks Amphitheater). With a wonderful atmosphere and great service, finding a place such as this so close was a real treat!

Hannah Wistrand