Week 2: And So It Begins!

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Friday, June 9, 2017


Samantha Pedek

This week was my first full week on the job and I absolutely loved it. I am starting to make progress on my project, which is super encouraging. I have already learned so much, even though this is only the second week. This summer I will be designing and (if time allows) testing an infrared mesh filter. So far I have learned how to use a specific computer-aided design package to draw and design my mesh filter, and I am now learning how to use a specific simulation software package to run electromagnetic simulations on the filter. This will determine how the filter should respond in the regime we are studying. I am loving the challenge of this experience, and am extremely excited for the weeks to come!


Outside of work, a few of us explored the surrounding area and managed to wander over the Folk Festival on Sunday afternoon. There we got to see traditional dances, musical groups, crafts, and even watched some glass blowing! I mostly took the weekend to catch up on a few things and finish settling in. Saturday night a bunch of us participated in a game night, which mostly consisted of word games and cards! Now that I am pretty much settled, I can really take more time out of the weekend to explore. There is always something going on in D.C. and I plan on utilizing that as much as possible.

Samantha Pedek