Week 10: DC, Adieu

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Sunday, August 19, 2018


Kristen Larson

This week definitely felt surreal.

Between staying up late practicing our presentations multiple times each night and encouraging each other to not be nervous, it was hard to acknowledge this week as a conclusion. Now that my exhibit was finished, I felt ready to begin another project but it felt odd to remember that my next project was to return to Chicago and start another semester. After being in a regular flow for so long, stopping and beginning a new flow will be an adjustment, but such is the life of a student, this should feel normal after dealing with numerous semesters.

It was fun to have a final reflection this week with the rest of the interns, by listening to their presentations and hearing about their different experiences over the course of the last 10 weeks. As physics majors it is nice to see all the different paths that we can take.

My internship allowed me to reflect the course I want to pursue in my life and where I want to take my career once I graduate in 2020. I knew that I would like developing exhibits, but I learned that I LOVE it. What I expected to do post-graduation, I realized that my internship confirmed those original impressions and I am so excited for the future. 

Thank you to my mentors: Melanie Mueller, Amanda Nelson, and Sarah Cochrane

My roommates: Mikayla Cleaver and Amanda Williams

Thank you to the SPS National Team and 2018 interns for all the support and encouragement they freely gave. I hope to run into you all during the future, I expect many of us will be doing great things in the future. 




The pictures below reflect some of our final experiences. 

You can watch a video of my final presentation here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/cyzg4vt12cphvgjTA 


Stephanie giving a tour of the library
Mikayla giving a tour of the archives
Amanda and I biking home in front of the capitol building
The capitol building as seen from the bike path
Mikayla, myself, Nathan, Sarah and Elon in front of the final symposium sign
Packed up and ready to go home

Kristen Larson