Week 1: Sooooo Oriented!

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Sunday, June 1, 2014


Kirsten Randle

My first week in DC has been pretty interesting. After flying in Tuesday night and checking into my massive apartment on the GWU campus, I started getting to know the other interns. Wednesday morning, bright and early, we trekked to the American Center for Physics which houses the American Institute of Physics and several member societies. We spent the day getting to know the organization, the SPS staff, and each other throughout the day. Wednesday morning, the research interns headed back for some meetings about research expectations and skills. In the afternoon we got to work with the SPS SOCK interns to plan for an upcoming outreach event.

Friday morning, we, the NASA interns, headed out to Goddard for our badging appointment and to poke around the Visitor Center where we joined a 4th grade field trip. We saw some presentations of class solar systems, a program on astronaut life in the shuttle and space station, and the “Sphere of Science” which was a 3D projection on a spherical surface to explore the solar system. We talked to a few kids, took a few wacky pictures, and headed back to the ACP for lunch and a social media brainstorming session with Matt.

During these few days, we’ve had lots of interesting conversations a lot of smart, passionate people in various AIP offices and from different member societies. However, I’m really excited to head to NASA and get to work!


Kirsten Randle