Week 1: Remote Work and Zoom Calls

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Sunday, June 7, 2020


Abigail Ambrose

Here’s to week one. Despite the pandemic we still have gotten the opportunity to do our internships. I am very excited to have begun my internship with the Society of Rheology and the Niels Bohr Library & Archives. The history of physics is something I have always been interested in and I am excited to have gotten to dive into it. I even discovered this week that the second recipient of the Bingham Medal (the highest award in the Society of Rheology) was related to Mitt Romney. 

I got to start off my week with many, many Zoom calls. Everything from ice breakers to how to set up my computer for remote work. I have learned that I require a great deal of coffee to survive that many zoom calls. (Please somebody send more coffee. I’m going to need it.) Of course, my favorite four-pawed coworker (my dog Sadie) had to of course join a few of the calls and say hello to my remote coworkers and mentors. 

While we cannot be together in person, the interns still had to have a little fun. On Wednesday we had our first Zoom games night and played Jackbox games. We had to add a little physics humor to the quiplash question “what’s in the box.” The answers included “a particle” and “Schrodinger’s cat but is it alive or dead.” 

I got to end my week with a check-in call from my mentors where we made exciting plans for next week that included working on some condensed biographies for the Society of Rheology fellows. I hope to discover some more random facts along the way as well. Our call also included some new dog introductions as well, which I enjoyed a lot. I love dogs, so I look forward to more appearances from our favorite four-pawed coworkers.  

Abigail Ambrose