Finishing a SpreadSheet

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Monday, July 1, 2019


Andrew Phipps

Week - Five


This last week has flown by!! (kind of like all the others…) It makes me think back and wonder what actually happened?!?! Well, workwise I completed the spreadsheet I have been working on for the last 5 weeks, which allows me to move on to more projects! This means that I will finally start updating the graphs online and creating more code to streamline the process for future interns and/or employees. This will thankfully be easy thanks to the spreadsheet that has already been completed.


Aside from working every day, Sariah and I also had a ton of fun this week! During the work week we relax and try to rest before the next work day. That means that Friday and Saturday are our big days to do things! So, our Friday night tradition of date night brought us to a fun Japanese restaurant where you grilled the meat that they brought out to you! It was super fun and afterwards we talked by a fountain while taking in the city at night. (next time we are going to walk the national mall at night). Then Saturday came and we decided to visit the spy museum! Even though it wasn’t free, it was absolutely worth it. We walked through the two floors that were absolutely COVERED in amazing activities and facts/videos about spies and the intelligence network. We spent about 4-5 hours looking at all of the exhibits and participating in the fun games such as holding onto a wide pipe for as long as you could without letting go, climbing though air ducts without being caught, trust games where if you are betrayed they shock you, and so many more! Afterwards we went to a burger and shake place (BTS) before calling it a day and returning home to watch/finish our current TV shows.


Altogether, this week didn’t feel as long as it should have. Time flies when you are having fun though and I am having fun at home and at work. Once again I am so grateful for the opportunity presented for Sariah and I to be here with all of these fantastic people.

Andrew Phipps