Final Thoughts

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Thursday, August 16, 2018


Daniel Morales

I am currently writing this from my grandparents' house in Texas, so yee-haw, howdy, etc!

This summer spent at D.C. has been one to never forget. I met so many great people with similar interests to mine, not only the other SPS interns. Frequent trips to the gym left me with a few good friends I hope to keep in contact with in the future. The contacts I made at NASA will carry with me throughout my career in physics, and I hope to use the new connections for opportunities after my undergrad experience. 

The dorms that the program housed us into were incredible as well. George Washington University was a great environment for someone like myself. Everyone was open to conversation, so I was able to meet new people almost every day. The dorms served as a place of relaxation for myself and the other interns, and when we were not busy working or going out to have fun we always enjoyed each other's company. I will always remember the good times spent in room 502. If I wasn't busy trying to level up on Rocket League, we were watching movies, YouTube videos, or playing games together. I think SPS did a great job of bringing together people who got along so well. 

I leave the program with great experiences from what I learned at NASA, SPS events, and from the other people I met this summer. I want to thank SPS, NASA, and my mentors for an incredible summer. I look forward to my last year of college and I hope to make something of my life with what I've gained this year!

Daniel Morales