Final Reflections: Conclusions

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Friday, August 1, 2014


Nick Durofchalk

Week 10 was bittersweet. After the Final Presentations the week before, most of the week was spent preparing our entry for NASA Goddard's Intern Poster Session. Caleb and I worked tirelessly trying to design the perfect poster that wasn't boring and presented our research in a neat an organized manner. This proved to be a lot harder than one would've expected. But we cooperated and we both were incredibly proud of the final product.

Me standing in front of the my poster at the NASA Goddard Intern Poster Session.On the final Wednesday of my internship, Caleb and I printed the final version of our poster and hung it up in building 28 so as to be ready for the next day. On Thursday, I put on my suit and, once I arrived at Goddard, worked with Caleb to finish the remaining preparations for the poster session. The day went off without a hitch. We explained our work to a decent number of interested Goddard employees and NASA interns and got to hear about the work that other interns did during the summer. After the session, Ted Gull, Tom Madura, Mike Corcoran, Kenji Hamaguchi, Jamar, Kirsten, Caleb and I went out to lunch to celebrate a job well done and a great summer.

I'm writing this final entry from my home in Downingtown PA. Looking back on the summer, I still can't believe its over. Honestly, I'm still amazed it happened in the first place. The people I've met, the places I've been, and the things I've done are unlike everything I've ever encountered in my life before, and my gratitude to the Society of Physics Students is endless.

Nick Durofchalk