Deeper Understandings -- Week 3

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Friday, June 16, 2017


Justine Boecker

This past week has been probably my least exciting week to report so far. For the first time, I spent all five days in the office. I have been hard at work at developing lessons for a K-8 Waves and Sound Workshop to be held in Cincinnati this July. I have been eagerly learning to gain a deeper understanding of most of the projects I am working on. This coming Monday I am excited to be working with several awesome people working to change the perceptions of teachers and teaching in our society. We have been working hard preparing materials for that meeting next week. I have also been asking a lot of questions to learn more about the mobilizing women movement I am able to contribute to in Miami next month.

Off work hours this past week, I spent a lot of time touring last weekend. I have never been to DC before, so, for me, I am a tourist and a summer resident. It was cool to see all the iconic views and monuments I have learned about for years in school. One of my favorites was the Vietnam memorial. There was a group of older veterans there at the same time and it was touching to see them find the names of people they knew. I also had a moving experience visiting the World War II memorial. It is amazing to me that my grandpa served in the war; He is an amazing man.

For another social event, the interns were invited on a dinner cruise on the Potomac River with the SPS executives on Thursday. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The boat and the views were beautiful, the food was delicious and the company unmatchable. I am still smiling about it this morning after only 5 ½ hours of sleep instead of my normal 8 from getting back so late.

Looking forward, this weekend I am looking forward to having my best friend from home come to experience DC with me. I am also excited to engage in the discussions on perceptions of teachers and overall I am looking forward to continuing to grow here both as an individual and a professional.

Even though my week was not as exciting as the two before, I do not see that as a negative. It was a week full of deeper understandings. I have a much better picture of what all the different projects I am working on look like. I have created folders with notes and papers to keep me centered and remind me of the different goals and details. I have also continued to build a solid relationship with my fantastic mentor, and I could not be more inspired by her dedication to excellence and her genuine support for me and my development as an educator and leader.


Dinner Cruise
" liberate not to conquer..."
WWII Memorial

Justine Boecker