Commuting: Make it Productive

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Friday, July 14, 2017


Jacob Robertson

The single downside of living in Foggy Bottom and working in College Park is the fifty-five minute daily commute by Metro. While, thankfully, the train isn't quite as crowded on my side of the tracks, fifty-five minutes is still a substantial chunk of a 24 hour day. Instead of scrolling through Facebook, pausing between every stop to let a few more posts load, I try and use my train time more productively. 

Podcasts: a few of my favorites are Planetary Radio from the Planetary Society, The Cato Daily Podcast, and Freakonomics Radio. Just be sure to download before boarding the train! 

News: I find most articles from news organizations I follow on Twitter, so unfortunately I can only load at stops. To avoid this, try out a printed newspaper. 

Writing: if your job involves any writing (or a weekly blog post, for example), why not write on the train? I usually start drafts in the Notes app on my phone, and finish them on a computer later. 

Long commutes are an unavoiable reality for many people. Try and make the best of this "lost" time! 

Jacob Robertson