Radiation Shielding Using Magnetic Fields

Radiation Shielding Using Magnetic Fields

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M.W. Sailer and H.M. Doss

Department of Physics, Point Loma Nazarene University, 3900 Lomaland Dr., San Diego, CA 92106


Radiation shielding is essential to future space exploration missions with longer exposure to space radiation. High Atomic Number and Energy particles (HZE) in Galactic Cosmic Radiation (GCR) presents one of the most difficult types of radiation to shield. We propose a combination of active and passive shielding to maximize deflection of radiation and minimize production of secondary radiation, while creating a possibility of usable power. The focus of this paper is on the 7687 kg wire design and the 0.57 T magnetic field created, with less than 2 G in the crew area, and its ability to deflect a 2800 GeV iron ion. Estimates of trapped plasma reducing the iron ion to 140 GeV, as well as thrust production of 34 N are presented.


Space Travel, Galactic Radiation Shielding


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