Example Chapter Activities

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There is no standard calendar of events for an SPS chapter because each chapter is unique.  The calendar below is provided as a guide for activities and programs your chapter may wish to consider throughout the academic year. Not every chapter will choose to engage in everyo one.  Pick and choose those that work best for you!

Beginning of Semester:

  • Membership Drive: Participate in Freshman Orientation Program to acquaint freshmen with SPS. Have a booth to encourage bulk registration for national membership.
  • Visit introductory physics classes
  • Put up SPS posters and meeting announcements
  • Request SPS SOCK Kit


  • Kick-off social (Ex. Faculty-Student Picnic or get-acquainted event)
  • Fundraisers: Sell books donated by faculty, used textbooks, bumper stickers, chapter-designed T-shirts, raffle tickets, car wash, etc.
  • Planning for big events and outreach: Marsh W. White Award, Future Faces of Physics Award, Sigma Pi Sigma Project Award and Chapter Research Award proposals, brainstorm outreach events
  • Post Fall Mailing materials (sent by SPS National each August)
  • Collect dues and fill out bulk membership form (for discount)
  • Update SPS National chapter information


  • Talk by outside lecturer at meeting
  • Bad physics movie night
  • Attend SPS Zone meeting or plan to attend regional meeting
  • Arrange to attend a national research meeting
  • Hold a fundraiser for PhysCon


  • Submit chapter proposal for Marsh W. White Award & Future Faces of Physics Awards
  • Submit student proposals for SPS Chapter Research Award
  • Host an outside speaker/lecturer at monthly meeting
  • Tour of physics/astronomy research laboratory (industrial, government, or academic)
  • Submit chapter proposal for Sigma Pi Sigma Chapter Project Award


  • Business Meeting: Nomination of chapter member as candidate for Associate Zone Councilor
  • Program planning for spring social event (set date, budget, etc.)
  • Host a year end party


  • Submit student applications for SPS summer internships
  • Prepare a member outreach event
  • Hold fundraising event for Spring events


  • Arrange a talk by faculty member at monthly meeting
  • Trivia night with another local chapter
  • Submit SPS Scholarship applications (early)


  • Talk by outside lecturer at monthly meeting
  • Tour of physics research laboratory (industrial, government, or academic)
  • Sponsor Physics Department Open House
  • Business Meeting: Cast chapter vote in SPS elections
  • Business Meeting: Nomination of chapter officers for next academic year
  • Attend SPS Zone meeting


  • Sigma Pi Sigma reception, talk, and induction banquet
  • Talk by outside lecturer at monthly meeting
  • Business Meeting: Election of chapter officers for next academic year, preliminary planning for chapter program for next academic year.
  • Submit new officers to SPS National database


  • Large Social event: faculty-student picnic and soccer game
  • Submit Chapter Report before everyone leaves for the summer!
  • Apply for Blake Lilly Prize